Your Questions Answered:

What do you mean by healing?

To heal is to free ourselves from the emotional baggage and the wounds we all carry. This can be both from experiences in this lifetime, especially from childhood. But also from our ancestors as well as holding pain from the collective consciousness of the world. 

What do you mean by sharing from a deeper place? What am I actually meant to share?

Most of us have been raised to share from our minds. To share from a deeper place is to feel into our bodies. To stop and breathe, and feel the air in the body can help you do this. As you share you will come across people who are in their bodies and practised in sharing from their heart- this will support you to express yourself. There is nothing you are 'meant' to share. What can help is to release sounds as you exhale and use the words 'I feel....'. 

How I am meant to listen without a reaction or comment?​

This can be very unusual as we are conditioned to always feedback and have opinions. Breathe deep, keep yourself still and your gaze soft on the person sharing. This can be particularly testing if they share something that deeply moves you or they have deep emotions moving. Keep breathing and remain expressionless. Remember even the smallest reaction can interrupt and influence their process and this halts the healing capacity of the sharing. 

What is the best time to share?​

As we begin this community we have set times to share, opening times are below and we will keep it open for 30 minutes each time. 

Thank you for your patience as we build.

From an emotional point of view when you share is totally up to you. As with any practice it can be an anchor at any times of the day. Listen to your body and it will tell you. If you are feeling ungrounded and challenged then log on. Many of us are taking the opportunity to share 3 times and finding it very grounding and healing. 

Sharing times:

11:45 Euro/ 10:45 UK/ 02:45 PST/ 05:45 EST 

15:45 Euro/ 14:25 UK/ 06:45 PST/ 09:45 EST

20:45 Euro/ 19:45 UK/ 11:45 PST/ 14:45 EST

How do I find the time to share?

The age old excuse of not having enough time. 

Einstein teaches us time is within.

It is 7 minutes total. 

Why would I make the time to do this on a daily basis, what are the benefits to the listening and sharing exchange?

Sharing in this way daily you will feel seen and heard. It opens a space for you to express things and energy that you won't even be aware are held stuck within you. In this space you will find courage to share shame or guilt. By sharing this energy you release it and raise your vibration to step into your true opportunities of life.

Listening to someone in this way gives you a deep mirror of another to learn from. To ultimately feel the oneness of us all. It supports you at becoming a better listener and how to give space to people. It will allow you to practice holding a sense of presence and calmness for someone as they give way to their emotions and release.

What is the best place to share from?

Make sure you are somewhere private and quiet to not be distracted and ensure confidentiality from both sides.

Indoors, outdoors, in your car (not driving), none of this matters as long as it's a quiet and private space.

What do I do if I feel I have nothing to say and I still have time?

This may happen and remember sharing isn't always about words. It can be just as critical for you to have silence, to breathe, to make noise, to express through motion.

It may be just eye gazing with another to feel the connection and support your emotion to move through you- or whatever is there.

The key os to allow is all and drop the judgement and stories from the mind. 

If you feel awkward or find yourself expressing from this place....notice and try and drop it.

If you are listening and the person sharing expresses they have nothing left to say, remember do not react. Hold as you are. 

Beyond the silence and these feelings there can be magic. 

What if I feel uncomfortable on what is being shared?

When we listen to another expressing emotions- especially in what are labelled sad and challenging ones or if there share loss, grief or pain it can often trigger and waken up things within ourselves, Remind us of our past, present or even we can be unsure of why we are triggered.

This is a critical opportunity for healing, an incredible mirror. Sit with the discomfort. Breathe. Witness it. 

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